Symptons Of Obesity

There are many symptoms of obesity. One type of Obesity is heart diease. It could clog your artieries. If you an adult a big symytom is stress. Mainly is caused by stress at work and being unorganized. It could also be because you are consuming more calories. It can also run in your family. It is important you don't get obese and if you already are you have a greater chance of having a stroke. These are some other symptoms. Type 2 diabetes, heart failure, heart attack and cancer( rare).

How to stop Obesity

The best way to stop obesity is to eat nutritous foods.Try to stick to the nutrients. if you are un healthier or have a greater chance of coming obese these are the six types of nutrients.These are the six types of Nutrients. Water,Carbohydrates,Protein, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals. You should try to stick to these nutrients daily. It will keep you have a healthly lifestyle. Spread the word it will help everyone . If you did not know America has the most obese people

Foods that can make you healthly

There are many foods that can make you healthier. Vegetables are good for the mind and body. They can make you less irratiable. If you are not salad type of person please try to eat fruit it can give you enough energy through out the day.

What to Eat and What Not to Eat

There are a lot of unhealthly foods. I'll start with mcdonalds. They have a lot of food with grease it can make you fat. if you are the type of person to go out to eat at Mcdonalds get the chicken salad it will help you keep your balanced diet while keeping your weight good. Try to keep away from greasy foods that can make you obese.

The Food Guide Pyramid

The Food  Guide Pyriamid displays all of the types of foods and how many servings. The ones closer to the bottom are the ones you are going to want to have the most and towards the top you wanna stay away from. Fat and Oils use sparingly. This means once in a while. Try to  limit your sweets and sugary foods. The Food Guide Pyriamid is  a great source to have a healthy lifestyle.